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Educating the Future!

What We Do

Teaching, Tutoring, Learning Support, and Individual Therapy for K-12 students

Icon Group provides individualized strategies to education sectors in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia.  We support our clients with tailored learning and support programs.  We assist our education partners with integrated education systems to provide engaging learning experiences and supportive teaching solutions.

About Us

Icon Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 in Ayutthaya, Thailand, to provide individualized learning strategies to education sectors in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia. 

We offer our education partners a comprehension list of services including tutoring services and platforms, homeschooling programs, learning support programs and individualized education plans. 

Why Choose Icon Group?

Icon had a dedicated team committed to helping and supporting our learners through personalized learning journeys.


  • Tutoring Services
  • Learning Support
  • Homeschooling Programs


  • Behavior Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech/Language Therapy

Icon supports our teachers and therapists to help deliver an engaging education experience for all stakeholders, both learners and parents.

Our services include:

  • An online tutoring system to introduce teachers and learners.
  • Learning support tailored to an individual education plan (IEP).
  • Behavior, Occupational, and Speech and Language Therapists.
  • Online homeschooling programs.

Contact us

Address: 64/3 Moo1 Saothong, Bangpahan, Ayutthaya Thailand 13220